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eclecto Officers

Highest High Priestess and
Most Revered Amazon Woman

Celestial Bureaucrat and Guardian of E-treasure Fran

Medicine Woman and Keeper of the
Malted Milk Balls
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and be a close personal friend of at least one team e member...

Wearer of the Ancient Royal Mantle of the Maniacs
Mary Felice

Web Goddess Kim

The story of team e...

team eclectomania was founded in 1997 a few minutes
before the start of the now-defunct Lawrence Memorial
Hospital Triathlon.  Team members Fran, Kim, and
Mary Felice blazed their way to second place in the
women's short course, team division . . . and the rest
is history.  Over the next several years, team eclectomania
 won trophies, medals, a hand-carved wooden fish, and
no small amount of noteriety all over eastern Kansas and
western Missouri, with various maniacs finishing first,
second, third, and sometimes last in their various age
group events.  The team's website, which chronicled
the not just the thrill of victory, but the agony of
de feet, became famous all over the multisport globe
and was rated number one in the world by then-powerful
search engine/infosite Lycos.  But like that of Lycos,
the team's glory would fade away.  One by one, maniacs
moved away, got fat, or generally lost interest, and the
team, not to mention its website, all but disappeared...1

But in 2008, we're back!  The website has been
reconstructed from archives at the Wayback Machine,
and team members are crawling out of the woodwork to
 tell their stories of miles walked, biked, swum, or paddled, new frontiers demarked, and new personal worsts established.  So read on...as we like to say: 

You have been warned....

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eclectomania IS:

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Sina Hanson | Fran Hewitt*|    Shannon Oury | The Entire Rocca Family |
| Colin Dayton Stacy* | Molly Wood |

*Denotes founding member of team e

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| Sally Hayden |

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Eclectomania Rules

1. Laugh loudly and often.

2. Always let 'em see you sweat. Use yer water bottle if necessary.

3. nail polish ...'nuff said. Toenails optional.

4. We love headwinds.

5. Don't mess too much with your hair or by the time you're 40 it will look 85.

6. Do one thing every day that scares you.

7. You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt, and who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?" --Bob Moawad

8.  Wetsuits are for weenies.

9. Ad astra per aspirin.

Events and Results

Check the archives for

1997  1998  1999 2000 2001


Sept. 14:  Minneapolis Bike Tour
Laurie, Kim

2008 Results

Aug. 17:  YWCA Triathlon

Kim, Laurie (solo)

Kim, competing under her race alias "KIMI",  had PWs in all three parts of the event, but given that she is an overweight, out of shape, 49 something who had pizza, Coke, and ice cream the night before the event, she's just glad she finished the damn thing.  100 yds. into the swim, Laurie had a near death experience , the cause of which is currently under investigation.    She spent most of the race in the EMT tent sucking on oxygen and albuterol.  Yikes!   Although a less-than-auspicious day for the team as a whole, we still think eclectomania rules!  Get full results HERE.

Sometime in the week of Aug. 10:  Bad Medicine Lake 5-mile Swim

Donna, Kim, Laurie

Got er done.

July 25: North Shore Dragon Boat Races

Kim, Laurie
Kim, Laurie (d/b/a The Otters)team otter
First place, Women's Team!

The Otter

February-March 2008

Mary Felice, Kim



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